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This page was last updated: July 6, 2008
Reef tank, 3-14-08. This tank has been up and running since 6/18/05. It has a long way to grow :).
Slojmn's Reef 2
Below is the link to a fantastic book, an online book at that. In this book you will find some of the most breathtaking reef tanks maintained by some of the most respected and amazing hobbyists in the United States. Marc Levenson (melev),John Susbilla (tubs) Joe Burger (JB NY), Richard Durso (original-reefland), Dave Playfair (Mistress Reef), and Kevin Pockell (kevinPo) just to name a few.
This book is a must have for any hobbyist. The amount of information, tips, tricks, what works and what dosn't work from hobbyists just like you is invaluable. Check it out. It will amaze you.
Top down view of a blue maxima clam and a pink eyed chalice frag . Clams are so beautiful from the top down, very different through the glass. This tank is set up as a look down tank, easy to lean over and view from above.
Copperbanded Butterfly fish, Chelmon rostratus
The original watermelon chalice, Tyree Limited Edition. This gorgeous chalice has super sweet color, vivid pink with slight blue undertones, yellow/golden/green eyes with a green leading edge.
This is my favorite side of my tank. I love the cave rock work and the gorgeous combinations of bursting colors.
A beautiful red/orange Rhyzotrochus I picked up at Atlantis Aquarium. This shot is in automatic, flash mode, no lights on in the tank. The Rhizo is in early morning feed mode.
The Holy Grail of Wrasses, a super male Cirrihilabrus lineatus, Lineatus wrasse on the left and a gorgeous female, his potential mate, on the right.